Both art and science, the screening process is a critical part of the search – and it’s when our decades of recruiting experience come into play.

By the time we are screening candidates, we have already marketed your compliance career opportunity in a manner that will attract top talent, while weeding out unsuitable applicants – a process that saves you time and money.

We qualify candidates:

Does this candidate meet the criteria we developed with you?

Do they fit the profile and have the necessary “soft skills?” (leadership, energy, communication skills, etc.)

Could this be a career-enhancing move for the candidate?

Are they a good “match” with the hiring authority and business stakeholders?

We consider the particular nature of the opportunity:

Is your company a great brand to identify with?

What’s the company culture?

How will the city or country where the job is located impact this opportunity?

The personal relationships in our network contribute to our success in this area. We often know exactly which highly qualified and currently employed professionals might be induced to consider a job change, based on the particulars of your opportunity.

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