While you are preparing to make your offer to the candidate of your choice, we are conducting a comprehensive reference check. We may spend as much as an hour with a reference to obtain critical information you need in order to have confidence in your final choice.

We seek detailed information about a candidate’s work ethic and character.  How did the individual deal with challenges in the previous role? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

When it comes to the offer, we counsel our clients to extend their best offer upfront, rather than embarking upon a lengthy negotiation.  And we encourage our clients to allow us to present a verbal offer to the candidate on their behalf.   Here’s why: this is an emotionally charged process, akin to buying and selling personal real estate (but with higher stakes). A candidate will openly confide in us if there are any particular issues. This allows us to bring any issues or questions to you and get the mattered resolved so that a mutually beneficial agreement can be made.

At this point in the process, our role as the neutral third-party is very valuable and can make the difference between “keeping the deal together” and letting a highly desired candidate slip away due to miscommunication or unmet expectations.

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