Telecommuting: Well Worth an Empty Office

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woman working from homeJust under a year ago, Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer instituted a ban on telecommuting.  The move caused quite the uproar, yet other industry giants such as Best Buy and HP soon followed suit.

So surely the practice of telecommuting is on its way out, right?  Not necessarily.

Employers offering a work-from-home option continue to enjoy high levels of employee satisfaction, according to WorldatWork’s Survey on Workplace Flexibility 2013.  In fact, a vast majority of respondents indicated that a flexible work program had a positive effect on employee engagement (64 percent), employee motivation (65 percent) and satisfaction (73 percent).  At the same time, many indicated that they didn’t believe development or advancement were impacted by taking advantage of a telework option.

The survey also indicated that, in the past two years, 88 percent of employers offered telework options of some form or another, while only 3 percent of companies cancelled their telework programs.

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