To Be or Not To Be…A Workplace that Allows Telecommuting

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As one might guess, telecommuting gets a big thumbs-up from employees, but what about the employers? According to a recent Staples Advantage survey, 59 percent of employers think telecommuting leads to more productive employees and most responding employers feel that telecommuting is a mutually beneficial option.

Happy face

Does telecommuting make employees happier?

These numbers may be surprising, given the recent decision by Yahoo management to end telecommuting. But, obviously, most employers don’t agree with that decision. A whopping 75 percent of employers report their telecommuting employees are happier. And they also see a decrease in absenteeism.

But, like most issues, telecommuting has a down side. Dealing with IT issues topped the list of problems cited by employees. Other issues include a failure of employees to back up data on the company’s backup system and failure of employers to provide office furniture installation services. For additional statistics, read Survey: Telework Options Still Growing.


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