4 Questions Executives Should ask HR When Hiring the Best Talent

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By: Maurice Gilbert

crowdThe C-suite sets the tone at the top, and when it comes to recruiting top talent, executives need to play an active role and request the best from their HR department.  Here are the questions to ask:

  • Is your HR team attracting top talent or just building a large database of resumes?  Today’s environment of compliance and regulatory counsel is one where demand far exceeds supply, so it is a candidate-driven market.  HR must develop a way to have direct and consistent touch points with these professionals.  These professionals are so sought after that they don’t put their resumes on job boards and typically will not respond to job postings.  They will, however, respond to a personal phone call and listen to a dynamic presentation regarding an opportunity that may enhance their career.
  • Does your business have an employer value proposition?  I coach candidates for the interviewing process and always emphasize that they must present value proposition statements to separate themselves from other candidates.  This concept holds true with employers as well.  It is far easier to recruit top talent if there is a compelling story as to why someone should invest their future with your company and how your organization can develop the professional’s career.  Companies spend considerable time and money on developing their product brand, which is directed at their customer.  Consider BMW’s brand …. “The ultimate driving machine”.  BMW would also benefit from having an employer value proposition as memorable as their product brand……I am not aware that they have one.
  • Does your HR department have people in place at the front end of the recruiting process who understand how to connect with top talent and how to sell them on your company?  First impressions count, so you need HR recruiters that are warm/engaging, energetic, knowledgeable about the company and sales-oriented (sales is not a dirty word…they must be able to sell ideas and, in this case, sell the professional on building his/her career at your company).   Remember, just as your company is evaluating a candidate, the candidate is also conducting his/her assessment of your company.
  • Does your HR department outsource recruitment to 3rd party executive search firm?  There will be times when you must engage a search firm for the hard-to-find professionals, such as in the areas of compliance and regulatory counsel.  So what questions should be asked in selecting a search firm?
      • Does the firm specialize in the functional skill set you’re recruiting for?
      • Does the firm ask insightful questions regarding the professional profile being recruited so as to demonstrate their knowledge?
      • Can the firm provide references of completed searches of the exact skill set you’re recruiting?
      • Does the firm provide a single point of contact so there is consistency in service quality?

I encourage executives to be as active as possible in the recruitment process, as you are competing for top talent to drive your business’s success.  Beyond your personal involvement in the interview process, you’ll need to be shaping your HR recruiting process so there is a consistent and professional recruiting delivery system.  After all, the success of your company depends on it.


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